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What Our Students Have to Say

Dr. Tieto is far by one of the best instructors as far as this course of atomic and molecular structure is concerned. I highly recommend this course for the B.Tech students of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, WB
Aditi Majumdar
Electrical Engineering, 1st SEM
In one sentence it is very simple and easy to understand. I must say I like this course of atomic and molecular structure.
Arijeet Haldar
Electrical Engineering, 1st SEM
Awsome discussion, lots of assignments it helped a lot to understand the basic engineering chemistry
Jugantar Chakraborty
Electronics & Communication Engineering, 1st SEM
The course has been presented in a very easy manner. The difficult part of quantum mechanics, MO and crystal field theory has been explained in a very simple way so that each can understand. I like this course very much
Sreya Sarkar
Electronics & Communication Engineering, 1st SEM